Outstanding all round folks!

In the final session of the Birdwell Family History course on 2nd December the class was observed by a Workers’ Educational Association organiser. Every tutor has one of these per year to ensure teaching and learning standards remain high. The observation follows OFSTED guidelines.

On the day the students reported back in groups on their chosen historical character’s family background and history. The three teams chose Joseph Locke, Ann Bronte and Anne Frank and every presentation was excellent in detail and interest.

The observer summed up the session: …This was an excellent session, with everyone participating fully. There was humour during most of the session but seriousness when required, particularly during the presentations. I enjoyed being asked to participate in the discussions following the presentations and share my thoughts. There was respect shown for the lives of the people whose stories were told in the presentations, particularly Anne Frank, with this then leading into discussions around the war era and its implications for all the people involved, not only the British. I found this presentation and resulting discussion very moving…

The session received a grade of ‘Outstanding’ which means that both students and tutor had performed to the very highest standards possible. That is what you get when you sign up for such courses.

Two weeks after this OFSTED inspected the WEA nationwide (quite a task in itself!) and was graded ‘Good’ overall. Learn with WEA and you will be among the best!


About kevin1956

WEA tutor in Humanities Professional Researcher in Genealogy and Historical Studies
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2 Responses to Outstanding all round folks!

  1. Well done for the above appraisal Kevin. Hope you had a good xmas and all the best to you and your family for 2014. Let me know when WEA decide to go back to Darfield or Goldthorpe with their family tree groups…am missing the challenge !!!

    • kevin1956 says:

      We’ve tried to raise interest but I think we’ve exhausted family history in that area. We did run about 5 or 6 courses over the years. The Barnsley Archives courses are going well if you could get to them. I am thinking of setting up a kind of roadshow hitting about once every three months. If i can get enough interest to run one at Goldthorpe Library I will definately let you know. Miss you! Happy New Year and happy hunting!!!

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