Keep On Going On!

vvGot stuck? You might like to try these videos for help, advice and encouragement. Most are freely available on You Tube. Click on the link to be taken directly to the video.

If you find some others that could be added please send the link to me at

Researching Newspapers for Genealogy for Free

How do I organise my family tree research?

How I organise my genealogy.

Breaking through your genealogy brick walls.

Clean up your family tree.

Tips for telling your family stories.

Using the Ancestry shoebox effectively.

Using tree hints (green leaves).

Common mistakes.

Merging duplicate characters.

Collaborating – its family history NOT personal history

Using the Ancestry Card Catalogue

Common mistakes part 2

Family Tree Maker: Syncing With Your Online Tree

Top Tips for Beginning Italian Family History Research

Tips For Telling Your Family Stories

Favorite Resources of Professional Genealogists

Finding the Maiden Names of Women in Your Family Tree

The Truth About British DNA Ancestry

Researching Newspapers for Genealogy for Free in USA

Splitting or Combining Family Trees

How to Handle Name Changes in Your Family Tree

Tracing Your Irish Ancestors Back to the Homeland








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